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Polycarbonate Sheet


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Polycarbonate sheets are available in a variety of profiles, surface textures, and shades. Polycarbonate sheet combine unbelievable strength, excellent clarity, and high Designing Flexibility along with the other properties inherent.
High Impact Strength:
Polycarbonate Sheets offer an extremely high impact resistance (upto 250 times that of glass and 30 times that of acrylic) making it virtually unbreakable. These are rated at an impact energy of >200 Nm and qualify for the highest performance rating for security glazing as per various International standards.
Light Transmission
Polycarbonate sheets allow 40% - 90% (translucent or transparent) light transmission making it prefect for skylight / canopy applications. These sheets made from UV-stabilized resin ensure that the light transmission can be maintained over many years even under direct sunlight.
Design Freedom
Polycarbonate sheets can be installed with a curve under stress. The flexible sheets lend themselves to unique designing for various regulatory bodies world over.
Another outstanding property of these polycarbonate sheets is retention of the above properties (mechanical, optical and electrical) over wide temperature range. An RTI (continuous use temperature) rating of 100 C gives an indication of the weather ability of the polycarbonate sheets.
Colour – Clear, and Bronze. Can be manufactured in Grey, Blue, Green, etc depending on the Order quantity.

Thickness -2,3,4,5,6,8,10 mm thick for compact and 2,3,4 mm thick for Embossed. Are also manufactured in other thickness for specific applications subject to the Order quantity.

Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheet


Multi-wall polycarbonate sheet is an impact resistant, energy-saving polycarbonate sheet. It’s the ideal roof glazing material for a wide range of applications, such as conservatories, greenhouses, shopping centers, industrial roof lightsand sports stadia.

Effective thermal insulation
Multi-wall Polycarbonate sheet is available with two, three, four, five or six wall construction, giving various degrees of thermal insulation. K-values range from 3.5 for 6mm twin wall Thermoclear sheet, down to 1.5 for unique six wall Thermoclear sheet.

High impact strength
Multiwall polycarbonate sheet offers extremely hight impact resistance, minimizing the risk of breakage when subjected to falls of ice and snow or dislodged roof tiles.

High light transmission
Transparent grades of multiwall polycarbonate sheet allow light transmission between 44% and 82% depending on thickness. Opal grades allow light transmission between 24% and 58%.

Resistance to ‘yellowing’
Multiwall polycarbonate sheet is selfextinguishing and difficult to ignite. As a typical example of the fire test performancem 10mm twin wall Thermoclear sheet is B1 rated to DIN 4102, Part 1. Most grades are rated Class 1 according to British Standard BS 476 part 7. For full details per gauge/colour combinations, please contact your local sales office.

Light weight
Multiwall polycarbonate sheet is extremely light, with weights ranging from just 1300g/m2 for 6mm twin wall sheet, to 3500g/m fir 25mm six wall sheet. This results in significant advantages in transportations, handling and installation as well as allowing fewer structural supports.

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet is easy to cut, shape and install. It can be used flat, or cold formed into curved glazing bars.

Comprehensive warranty
Multiwall polycarbonate sheet carries a ten year warranty again breakage, excessive yellowing and loss of light transmission.

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet can be installed flat, or cold curved to a minimum radios of 175x the sheet thickness. It can be cut and drilled with conventional tools.

Broad product range
Six different sheet structures are available, in a wide range of sheet sizes, with standard lengths of 6000 and 7000mm, standard widths of 980,1050,1200,1250 and 2100mm and with thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 25mm. Standard colours are Clear, Opal White and Solar Bronze.

Source: GE Structured Products

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